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aidKRIYA is a social venture of Gita & Susil Kumar Das (GnSkD) Foundation. It aspires to embody the motto - 'Serving Motion for the Nation' - by promoting, developing, encouraging and supporting the various stakeholders, who aid motion, with a focus on the ecosystem of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

Our Vision

Be India’s Pioneer in Aiding Warriors inflicted with
Autoimmune Diseases of Joints and Bowels.


Our Mission

Encourage cutting edge research and technology interventions using physical
aides and digital apps.

Enable caregivers and the people who aid motion - delivery boys and girls, cleaners
and the like - in one way or another.

Support events and activities that
create awareness on the importance
of motion in our lives.

“L don't want my pain and struggle to make me a victim. L want my battle to make me someone else's hero.”
- Unknown


Do you have a friend, relative or work colleague with RA / IBD? One of the best ways you can support them is to ensure they have access to all the latest information about RA / IBD, and by introducing them to aidKRIYA they will have a whole wealth of information at their fingertips.

Choose the Membership you would like to gift and complete the form with your and their details. They will receive a Welcome mail from us followed by a joining membership pack.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How does aidKRIYA ensure that its projects use the allocated funds properly?
    We ensure that resources are optimally used by our project partners through regular budgeting and reporting systems, managed by chartered accountants specializing in this sector. Our program teams conduct frequent meetings with stakeholders to assess the project’s progress. Every project is subject to an annual evaluation before we grant additional funds.
  • How does aidKRIYA choose the projects it supports?
    Our rigorous selection process is based on the values of trust, transparency and accountability. We screen all the applications we receive, make a shortlist basis the robustness of the applicant’s current operations and number of years of experience, conduct a thorough digital evaluation of shortlisted applicants and extensively debate our findings internally. Those applicants who meet all our criteria are recommended for approval by our board of Co-Aiders.
  • How does aidKRIYA raise its funds?
    We raise the funds that we need for our work with the help of kind individuals like YOU as well as through CSR grants from corporates and institutions.
  • Is aidKRIYA an international organisation?
    aidKRIYA is a social venture of GnSkD Foundation - an Indian non-profit organization. We’re not an international organization and we do not have any presence at locations outside India. All the funds we raise are used for the benefit of RA & IBD Warriors in India.
  • What are the other ways I can donate?
    Scan our UPI code from any of the payment apps on your phone to donate. Once you’ve done so, write to us at donate@aidkriya.com with your transaction number and personal details like name, email, phone and PAN, so that we can issue you a donation receipt.
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